Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Before surrendering my life to Jesus Christ I was in a constant search for answers to many questions and in looking back I understand now, a quest for unconditional love. What I know about my early years is that I was conceived and my birth parents separated before I was born.  I was raised by my paternal Grandmother who loved me the best she could. I was never blessed with an opportunity to know either of my birth parents on a personal level; however I am truly thankful to God that He led my mother to carry me for nine months so that I could live to find the Lord and to share my life story with people who are searching as I did, needing to find answers to questions only the Lord can answer.

Through my teenage years I continued to search for meaning and purpose in my life.  At the age of 14 I was introduced to smoking, partying and alcohol.  I wanted to be loved and accepted.  I had no idea how to concur the deeply rooted thoughts of rejection and my great need for love.   My life became a mess as I looked for acceptance and love in all the wrong places.  I focused on my looks and tried tirelessly to impress my friends on what I could do.  I was looking for my identity in all the wrong places.  Deep down I worried that I was on a path of self-destruction but didn't know how to turn my life around.  I never knew that the many churches I passed every day in Jinja held the key to building strong relationships, experiencing unconditional love and the hope that every good thing would be given unto me if I put my faith in Jesus Christ.

I believe the Lord’s way of calling me to Himself was to give me a deep love and talent for making music.  I spent most of my later teen years working at becoming a musician.  I sang in school and at various music festivals around town.  Music became a big part of my life.  In 1999 I accepted the Lord as my Savior and now am a son in the family of God.  It was shortly after I became saved that the Lord led me to the praise and worship ministry.  The Lord began to melt my heart, drawing me closer to Himself.  I have since devoted my life to seeking and putting God first in my life.  The Lord has richly blessed me with the skills to play music, write songs and lead worship anytime and anywhere.

In 2005 I was able to attend Glad Tidings Bible College in Kampala, Uganda.  My studies provided me with the opportunity to continue to build on and to develop my worship ministry skills as well as to begin studies in other areas of Christian Ministry such as Youth Ministry, Bible Theology and Community Empowerment and Development.

After graduating in 2008, I was asked to return to Glad Tidings to facilitate a Principle of Praise and Worship class.  I continued to teach this class until 2011.  Today I am blessed to be able to follow God’s calling by not only providing worship services in various venues throughout the community.  I am excited to be continuing to develop a body of Christians who provide services now and will continue through the end times. 

I have opened the Ultimate Worship School of Music which is one of the ways I continue to train and equip disciples who wish to be worship ministers.  They learn to play musical instruments and I lead them through Christian life courses which help them discover their purpose and what the job of being a worship minister entails. At the end of the training they are commissioned as a fully disciplined worship ministers, trained in music as well as the knowledge of God’s word and are ready to begin to serve in the vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Ultimate Worship School of Music is open and operating with students already taking classes.  Students of all ages are accepted for enrollment, starting at age seven. I have open hour programs to accommodate working people and students. 

We offer the following lessons/classes:

Bass Guitar
Vocal training
Praise and Worship classes